About Me

My name is Ann Howell Brown, and I am an artist and elementary special education teacher in rural North Carolina. 

What fascinates me: 
writers and musicians that are also painters, 
Eric Carle, rural life, the ocean, Stevie Nicks, painting pictures with words, telling color stories, finding art in the unexpectedly ordinary

What I love: 
art, the blues, the American South, chiles rellenos, sending long story-emails to my family and friends, cheese and crackers, the Tar Heels, purposeful run-on sentences, enormous pots of soup, kombucha, joyful people, stacks and stacks of books, thrifting, country music

What I'm successful at:
drinking wine, sprinkling glitter, browsing shops, reading stories, telling stories, sipping tea constantly, killing houseplants, snuggling, creating things out of nothing

What I'm UNsuccessful at:
sports, dealing with spiders, functioning in cold weather, dancing

Places you can find me: 
InstagramPinterestTumblrEtsythe Imagined Art blog


Ann Howell Brown is an artist and elementary special education teacher in rural North Carolina. A graduate of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Ann Howell spent her days reading books and looking at art. After earning degrees in English and Art History, Ann Howell ventured to Kolkata, India for six months, exploring the art and writings of Rabindranath Tagore and volunteering with Mother Teresa's religious organization, the Missionaries of Charity. Currently, Ann Howell lives and works in rural North Carolina, teaching children with learning disabilities as a 
Teach For America corps member.

As an artist, Ann Howell gravitates towards mixed media collage, often incorporating acrylic paint, recycled paper, found objects, glitter, and pen and ink into her one-of-a-kind pieces. You can find stories and photographs documenting parts of her creative process on the
Imagined Art blog.

Contact: imagined.byannhowellbrown@gmail.com


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