Wednesday, November 28, 2012

boots + books

When I first moved into my apartment, these 3 little steps were among the first things I set up. The plants were beautiful and green, the books were too big to fit on the built-in bookshelves, and my cowboy boots (my first Christmas gift ever from my boyfriend and my most prized possession; I wear them literally every single day to school) could not find a good steady home in my closet. 

[The glasses were purchased for about 2 cents on the side of the road in India; I sometimes wear them. They're bifocals, in case you were wondering.]

So, I plopped them all on my 3 stairs and they lived there pleasantly as reminders of things I love (books, plants, boots, nerd glasses) and as homes for much-used and hard-to-house objects.
NOW, in preparation for my first ever Christmas tree (more on that later), I had to clear those steps. I moved things all around, up and down, in different corners... and subconsciously, the boots and books still ended up together. I didn't notice this until I was flipping through old pictures and found the one above. 

Boots and books in their new home.

[remember this bench from when I went shopping??]

I am taking this all as a sign, and the boots and books will always live together, for as long as I can help it. 

p.s. - The Indian glasses didn't make it on top of the stack of books this time because I'm currently wearing them.

[all photos and content by ann howell brown, 2012]

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