Thursday, December 27, 2012

Organization Rainbow

When I make art, I sift through piles and piles of papers I've made, used, recycled, painted over, used again, recycled, painted over, cut, recycled..... you get the picture. 
 It takes FOREVER, but I feel like it's completely worth it because sometimes ideas take that long to fully evolve, and it's a good way for me to keep my train of thought/vision going from project to project.

[I found one scrap that was dated back in 2006!!]

With a 2013 resolution to work SMARTER, not HARDER... I used (read: exploited?) the patient help of my 11-year-old sister to sift through my thousands of scraps of paper, categorizing them by color.

We came up with:

 ...ocean + rain + sea kelp hues...

 ...tangerine + meyer lemon + citrus brights... 

...rose + fuchsia + Valentine's shades... favorites, black + white...

... and my other favorites, shiny star-bright metallics. 

I bought these cardboard boxes to house all my scraps, and am now playing with ways to display them. The color cubes are utilitarian for now, but expect something more creative (and maybe a cool shelving unit?!?!) in the near future.  

[All photos, artwork, and content by Ann Howell Brown, 2012]

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