Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Happy Place

by Ann Howell Brown, 2013

I want to be here right now, with my toes in the water and a Corona in my hand. I am strongly considering blowing up these photos to very large sizes and plastering them over my windows so this is what I wake up to. 


by Ann Howell Brown, 2013

by Ann Howell Brown, 2013

by Ann Howell Brown, 2013

I really love the haziness of these photos, like the sun and weather are waffling on whether they think it's summer yet. It reminds me of how it looks through your sunglasses, when they've been smudged with sunscreen and salt water, and your eyes are slightly stinging but you're just so happy to be at the beach that you don't even care. Truly, this must be my happiest of happy places. :)

[All photos and content by Ann Howell Brown, 2013]


  1. There is a certain sense of peace, wonder and awe when at the beach. Combine that with the rhythmic sound of the waves and the antics of seagulls and one can't help but be happy!

    1. I agree! Even if it's freezing cold outside or gray... it still just makes everything better.