Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Creative Process: Sun in the Morning + Moon at Night

Morning light.

Morning sunlight in my apartment is blindingly beautiful -- maybe not always welcome when I'm trying to sleep in, but it's hard to get mad at something so pure, bright, and cheerful.

Imagined art by Ann Howell Brown

I've created two small pieces for Imagined Art, both reflecting on the ways that the sun and the moon shape our moods, feelings, and relationships: "Sun in the Morning" and "Moon at Night."

Imagined art by Ann Howell Brow

And if you're interested, you can see a short, six-second clip of "Moon at Night" being painted right here.

These pieces are much smaller than what I normally gravitate towards, and it was quite fun figuring out how to fit so many letters and colors into such a compact space.

In terms of putting art in a home, I think that a well-placed, tiny, unexpected pop of art can have just as much of an impact in a space as an oversized work. I'm also really drawn to gallery-like clusters of small pieces, like here and here... and then, I see large, single statement pieces, like herehere, or here and come to the conclusion that floor-to-ceiling art, of all shapes and sizes and styles and colors, is probably the most ideal option. :) What's your style  -- big art, small art, or both?

For more information on these works, visit Imagined Art.

PS -- more art-in-the-home inspiration here and here!

[All photos and content by Ann Howell Brown, 2013]

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