Thursday, January 3, 2013

GOALS Part 2: The Tracker.

We've already discussed New Year's Resolutions for 2013; mine are more "mindset" oriented rather than actionable tasks. 

But, let's face it (as one intelligent reader commented :)) -- is a resolution really worth anything if you can't see it or measure it? 

In my classroom, my students and I track things obsessively, from what what their long term life goals are... how they get faster and better at reading every day...

... to the sight words they've worked hard to memorize.

This system works really well with my students, because it proves to them, in colorful, visual glory, that growth and success is possible. They can SEE it, and they're motivated to see it grow even more. 

Opening my Etsy shop (woooo wooo!) is beyond exciting, but it also brings a thousand exciting new things I have to DO, in addition to already having a time-consuming, full-time job teaching precious babies.

So, how to keep track of it all??? I don't do well with write-in calendars where you have to flip pages back and forth; like my students, I have to SEE, in colorful, visual, glittery glory, what I'm supposed to be doing -- all at once.

ENTER (drumroll, please): GIANT RECYCLED WALL CALENDAR. I made this in 1 hour. 

(I am actually slightly moderately embarrassed by the lower half of this picture, so please disregard the mess.)

Designed to show me three months at a glance, I used recycled grocery bags (duh) and Sharpies to draw 5" x 5" squares for each day of the month (I marked them off quickly with a ruler and free-handed from there).

Using some leftover letters, washi tape, and Shotgun Betty, I labeled and taped my calendars to my wall. Now I can document daily to-dos and big picture concepts all at once, and kick JUST DO IT in the face.

(Okay, the first thing I put on there so far is a heart for Valentine's Day, because that is clearly the most important date to remember, ever. And that lil' heart is too adorable and joyful.) xo

PS - This post jammed out with Springsteen and The Biebs

[All photos and content by Ann Howell Brown, 2013]


  1. So...does the lonely heart have any company on your recycled 'Just Do It' calendar yet??

    1. @tina79 does this answer your question? :)