Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Favorites [Snow + Sunshine + Matisse]

Woke up with this #sunrise — and today is supposed to be a #snowday ?!?! #nofilter

Friday morning pre-snow sunrise...

Sunday brunch with Mimi :) (at Foster’s Market)

Sunday brunch (with coffee and lipstick) at Foster's Market with my grandmother...

Sunlight + shadows (at Nasher Museum of Art)

Natural light (at Nasher Museum of Art)

Sunlight, shadows, and Henri Matisse at the Nasher Museum of Art -- sadly, no photos allowed inside (and those security guards see EVERYTHING, like Santa's Elves)...

Another 2-hour delay = my grandmother’s sticky buns + honey tangerine juice for breakfast #snowday

Long breakfast (thanks to a 2-hour weather delay) with my grandmother's sticky buns and honey tangerine juice...

Also thought this article was exciting and encouraging -- about students being social entrepreneurs, and UNC - Chapel Hill incubating them.

[All photos and content by Ann Howell Brown, 2013]

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