Monday, January 21, 2013

Tea Party for One

One of the best, most thoughtful gifts I've ever received -- membership in a TEA CLUB. Did you even know such a thing existed?? Subscribers receive monthly shipments of tea in their mailboxes, and get to try new pairings and tastings and sippings and enjoy-ings. 

My first shipment arrived this weekend, and I love it. 

The first one I tried was the Yu Lu Yan Cha black tea, which was divine.  I added sugar, because I'm from the South and like my black tea SWEET. 

Tea cup from India; napkin from an antiques shop. 

More info on Verdant Tea and tea club membership here, if you're interested. The company is really neat, and I love seeing people who find a way to spread what they're passionate and joyful about to the rest of the world. :)

[All photos and content by Ann Howell Brown, 2013]

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