Monday, January 7, 2013

New Post Series: MONIQUE GOES.

This weekend, as I was browsing through the hundreds of photographs I've taken over the past year, I started chuckling to myself at how somehow, subconsciously, my VW beetle bug convertible, Monique, frequently crept into the background (or limelight) of a whole bunch of pictures.

For example, here she is visiting the Highway 61 Blues Museum in Leland, Mississippi...

...eating some Delta Donuts...

and living in the yard of a single-wide trailer with no driveway (seriously).

Periodically, when she has an adventure that's worth telling about (such as going to the dry cleaner's or staring down a Chevy truck), Monique will appear on this blog, spreading her rebellious, daring, adorable nature. 

Here's to naming cars, taking road trips, driving where you're not supposed to, and finding a chuckle in everyday normalcy. :) 
#vwlove #beepbeep #Moniquegoes

[All photos and content by Ann Howell Brown, 2013.]


  1. Looks like most of Monique's life has been spent in rural communities (which are oozing with character, I must say). Does she go in to shock when she enters a 'big city' (scale of relativity: big city population = 5000+)?

  2. Yes, she does go into major shock. She also much prefers to drive on grass rather than roads, since one time on a highway she ran over a toilet lying in the middle of the road and got airborne

  3. I'm thinking it's not Monique's fault she ran over a toilet...just sayin'...