Friday, January 18, 2013

Sunshine + Happy Snow Day to Me + Sneak Peek


Ever since January started, it seems like it's been nothing but clouds, rain and dreariness. So how ironic that on the morning of a glorious two-hour delay due to snow and bad weather, I wake up to the brightest sunshine (probably ever) in my apartment. 

The snow day sunshine even made my paperwhites start blooming! I was a little worried yesterday because they were droopy, probably because I forgot to water them (this is why succulents, air plants, and/or cacti are typically the best type of plant for me)... but they appear to be cured now. 

I also stayed up late designing and playing with letters for a new art piece... It's still in the developmental phases, but here are two clues:
1.) It's about fire.
2.) If you're a Tar Heel, this art will pull at your heartstrings.

Stay tuned for more updates, and as always, more photos here. Happy Friday!

[All photos and content above by Ann Howell Brown, 2013]

PS: This made me laugh. Photo from Facebook.

Truth. :)

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